New version of ZevenOS available

ZevenOS 3.2 "Neptune" was released

"The Neptune team is proud to announce the release of Neptune 3.2 (Codename 'Brotkasten on Speed'). This release features the Linux kernel 3.10.5 and is exclusively meant to run on 64bit CPUs. The Debian base system was updated to the released version 7.1 wheezy to provide a stable user experience. The KDE Plasma Desktop ships with version 4.10.5. Chromium was updated to version 28, Icedove to version 17 and LibreOffice to version We ship with the latest and greatest multimedia codecs preinstalled as well as the flash player. For wireless diagnosis we ship Wireshark, Aircrack-ng and kismon."

ZevenOS is an Ubuntu-based GNU/Linux distribution with focus on providing a fast and easy-to-use system with BeOS-like user interface and support for older hardware. The distribution is built on top of a recent Linux kernel and includes a large number of popular open-source software applications for office use, multimedia playback and software development. ZevenOS also ships with MAGI, a tool for starting applications and managing the system.

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